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According to the latest census, there are roughly three times as many reality TV shows as there are people, so pretty much every job you could possibly imagine has a show. There are shows about the high stakes of baking; programs devoted to the thrilling world of longhaul trucking (which somehow has not had a single episode about meth); series on goldfish caretaking; heck, every other gun shop in America has a show (which is a lot of gun shops). Toddlers in tiaras have their own show as do toddlers who used to wear tiaras. But the reality TV field has been sorely lacking on the green front … until now.

Pivot TV is launching Human Resources based on the wacky crew at TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based upcycling company. Breaking into the world of reality TV may seem like a specious victory for the green movement, but it’s a step. So much media portrays environmentalists as fringey weirdos who knit their own formal wear out of svagnum or awkward nerds so in love with ferns they are no longer capable of normal human relationships. It’s nice to see some of our kind given the good old-fashioned reality TV treatment.

There are reasons to believe the show will be awesome: One is this beard, which Pivot had the sense to put on TV. So the show is in good hands. And while reality TV can be pretty formulaic, TerraCycle is used to turning old crap into valuable stuff, so maybe they can work their magic with TV.

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Human Resources premieres on Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Pivot.

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