Are you my mother?
Are you my mother?

Animals wearing pants just won’t die. First an abused donkey got pants so his fur could grow back. Then we found a photo of a cow wearing pants to keep flies away.

Now, in this video unearthed by Laughing Squid, Gladys the long-suffering bull terrier wears “raw milk pants,” holding completely still while hyper young goats jump around and gulp excitedly:


They aren’t so much “raw milk pants” as they are a diaper harness for milk jugs, am I right? Unless we’re calling diapers “pants” now, in some sort of weird British trousers/pants switcheroo. Just saying, milk doesn’t usually come out of my pants. Suddenly breastfeeding seems a lot more complicated.


Apparently the video was part of an ad for customized dog tags. It seems more like an ad for baby goats (or strap-on nipples), but maybe that’s just me.