Sofia and Tupee seemed to have it all: a love nest at an East Sussex zoo, two years to get to know each other and have a kid. But the two sloths didn’t. Because they’re both male. Apparently SOMEbody slept through the reproduction segment in biology.

According to the BBC:

Keepers at Drusillas Park in Alfriston could not work out why Sofia and male Tupee had failed to bond …

Head keeper Mark Kenward said it was not easy to establish the sex of a sloth and medical records had shown Sofia was female when she arrived.

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“We are going to have to find a more suitable name for Sofia,” he said.

Examining sloth genitalia doesn’t sound like the MOST fun thing ever, but if it’s your job, maybe you should do it well? The future of slothkind could be at stake here.

Whether or not Sofia Steve and Tupee are in love, the zoo is splitting them up in order to introduce a female and get a baby outta the deal. Where’s the sloth version of Amy Poehler in Baby Mama when you need her?

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