What do Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees and advisors think about climate and sustainability? As you would expect, it’s not looking good for anyone who cares about a habitable planet or livable communities. President-elect Trump is putting together a climate-denying cabal of extreme right-wingers and corporate sympathizers likely to roll back environmental protections, halt smart-growth efforts, and undo progress toward environmental justice.

scott pruitt

EPA Administrator
Scott Pruitt

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has tried to the sue the pants off the EPA. If confirmed by the Senate, he’ll be running it. He has strong ties to the fossil fuel industry, and was a leader in the push by state attorneys general to file lawsuits against President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. His own LinkedIn profile claims he “led the charge with repeated notices and subsequent lawsuits against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their leadership’s activist agenda and refusal to follow the law.” A 2014 New York Times investigation found that Pruitt took letters written by energy lobbyists, put them nearly word-for-word on his professional stationary, and sent them under his own name to the EPA. This year, when a group of state attorneys general announced that they would investigate companies suspected of misleading the public about climate change, Pruitt said it was “inappropriate” for AGs to “attempt to silence core political speech on one of the major policy debates of our time.” So that’s what he thinks about climate change: It’s a “debate.”