In his tireless quest to take down climate deniers, one by one, Bill Nye has just released a video picking apart climate change conspiracy theories.

Vocativ trawled through the muck of online forums, and came up with some provocative questions for the internet’s favorite bow tie-clad scientist:

“Hasn’t the Earth warmed before? How could you know CO2 levels from hundreds of years ago? Don’t volcanoes emit greenhouse gases too? Pigs fart methane gas. PIGS AREN’T HUMAN.”

None of these queries are new — and neither are their answers. Nye responds with the tired patience of a kindergarten schoolteacher.

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“I’m not saying the world didn’t used to be warmer in ancient dinosaur days,” he says. “But it’s the rate at which the world is getting warmer that’s troublesome.”

He also points out the culpability of Big Coal: “The fossil fuel industry works very hard at maintaining their status quo.”

At the very least, it’s handy to have all the arguments in one neat 5-minute package. That way, you can fling it over to your nearest climate denier like a February snowball to the face.

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