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Articles by Jim Meyer

Jim Meyer is a Baltimore-based stand-up comedian, actor, retired roller derby announcer, and freelance writer. Follow his exploits at his website and on Twitter.

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Marvel Comics is releasing a run of 15 awesome New York City-themed variant covers highlighting their heroes’ city-living adventures. To be completely upfront, the “variant cover” is the comic book industry’s most blatant paean to unsustainable consumption: The publisher makes two covers of the same book so you buy one to read, and then the variant to encase in plastic and horde for your grandchildren to throw away when they’re cleaning out your overstuffed storage unit.

City living, however, is an act of heroism worth celebrating. Living in New York can be a hassle, what with Prince Namor flooding the place on the regular, bi-weekly alien invasions, and the like — plus, rent is outrageous. But there are plenty of great reasons for your average superhero or villain to live in the Big Apple.

Say you’re Peter Parker, for instance. You and Mary Jane are as fertile as Irish rabbits, she’s knocked up again and you want a yard for the Spider-Kids and there are great deals on single-family units in Long Island. Sounds perfect — until the Green Goblin strikes and you’re stuck in traffic on the L.I.E. Or what if you’re coming in from Hoboken and the evil governo... Read more

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