Car2Go’s hallmarks are its tiny blue-and-white Smart cars and your ability to ditch them once you get to your destination. The one-way car-sharing rental is so beautiful, so perfect for when you head to the bar, catch a flight, or need to get somewhere faster than the bus schedule allows. And it was a big reason to choose Car2Go over Zipcar.

Not anymore! Starting this September, Zipcar will offer one-way trips, first in Boston and later expanding to other cities. Rather than a tin-can two-seater, Zipcar’s one-way rides will exclusively take place in a five-person, fuel-efficient 2015 Honda Fit.

Explains Oregon Live:

With the Zipcar One>Way service, members will be able to reserve and pickup a Honda Fit Zipcar at a designated location within 30 minutes. They can also drop it off at another spot with guaranteed parking.

Pricing is still being worked out. Typically, Zipcar charges between $8 and $10 hourly, on top of a $60 annual fee. Car2Go charges around $15 per hour.

But unlike Zipcar, Car2Go doesn’t make you specify the destination of your one-way trip before you make it — you can park it pretty much anywhere. Then again, with Zipcar One>Way, you have a guaranteed spot and don’t have to drive around the block. Plus, your three friends don’t have to sit on each other’s laps:


Will you try Zipcar One>Way or are you Team Car2Go?