Rachael Ray has a new brand of dog food. It is called Nutrish. Like, “so nutrish!” (We’ll just leave you with that.) She is promoting it for a few days in New York City with a food truck just for dogs, which will serve Chicken Paw Pie and Muttballs.

To comment on this breaking news, we have brought in our Dog Food Correspondent, Lucy Bump.

Lucy, can Rachael’s truck win over NYC pooches? We hear they’re a tough crowd.

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It’s true. We’ve been raised to eat delicious street corn covered in cotija cheese. We have discriminating taste. This isn’t Middle America, where dogs are doomed to eat food out of cans. 

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I do have one question: Will there be ice cream? The other dog food truck had ice cream.

Sorry, there will not be ice cream.

That’s fine, I have my own ice cream. Will I have to pay?

No, it’s free.

(Lucy’s still deciding whether it’s worth making the trek to Columbus Circle or Union Square.)

Rachael Ray may be annoyingly perky and chop onions faster than any human has a right to, but she taught Middle America about cumin, and that has to count for something. She’s not cool, but she knows how to sell people on trends that are no longer really edgy at all. So when Eater asks, “Food trucks are officially over now, right?” we have to respond: No, friends. They’re not over. They’re just switching to a different species.