The Bay Bridge has always played second fiddle when it comes to visually iconic San Francisco bridges. That Golden Gate bridge is just sooooooo pretty, isn’t it? Well, this month the Bay Bridge is doing the equivalent of taking its glasses off and letting its hair down. San Francisco has unveiled the Bay Lights project, in which the bridge is illuminated with 25,000 twinkling LEDs that flash in different patterns. Why, Ms. Bay Bridge, you’re ravishing!

The bridge will be illuminated for two years, but for those of you who can’t make it out to San Francisco by then, the light show has been captured in GIF and video form.


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Actually, even if you do make it out, you won’t see this exact show — in the two-year span of the installation, no pattern will ever be repeated. So if you want to fully experience the project, you’ll have to watch the video, look at the GIFs, and pay close attention to the Bay Bridge from now on. Take that, you big orange bastard.

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