You might think that air quality controls are about mitigating the health effects of breathing in pollution. If you’re a staunch Republican, you might think they’re about destroying capitalism. But blogger (and birther) Daren Jonescu knows what air quality controls are really about: Giving white children lung diseases. (And destroying capitalism.)

Jonescu wrote a piece in the ironically named American Thinker laying out the problems with big government trying to legislate our children’s lungs, and he did it by picking apart the language of an Obama administration report about childhood asthma.

Here is a summary of the “justice” issue at stake:

Nearly 26 million Americans are affected by this chronic respiratory disease, including 7 million children, especially minority children and children with family incomes below the poverty level. Asthma rates of African American children are currently at 16 percent, while 16.5 percent of Puerto Rican children suffer from the chronic respiratory disease, more than double the rate of Caucasian children in the United States.

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Consider very carefully the wording of this bizarre expression of the problem: seven million American children have asthma, “especially minority children and children with family incomes below the poverty level.” What does “especially minority children” mean in this context? That minority children suffer asthma more severely than white children? That minority children and poor children are of greater concern than white children?

Or, it could even mean that 7 million American children have asthma, especially minority children and children with family incomes below the poverty level! But no, that’s just what they WANT you to think. (Indeed, they’re so clever that they immediately follow up this mysterious claim with DATA, showing that asthma incidence is higher among non-white children than white children. Like you’re going to convince us with FACTS, racists!)

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Jonescu’s concern is simple: He sees no reason to believe that the Obama administration doesn’t want to even out asthma rates by giving more asthma to rich white children.

The official press release for this report does not commit itself on the question of whether greater asthmatic-racial “parity” ought to be attained by reducing the incidence of asthma among minorities, increasing the rate among whites, or some combination of the two.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised Jonescu isn’t demanding higher asthma rates for white kids — like, what do you MEAN African-Americans have twice as much of something as we do??

Anyway, mostly I like to ignore this type of trolling and leave the mocking of voluntarily mentally disabled jackholes on unimportant websites to Wonkette. But Wonkette did an awesome job with this one and I thought you guys would like to know about it. They actually read the entirety of Jonescu’s urine trail of an article and took it apart with much more skill than it was put together. Share and enjoy.