1. Art attack

    With more subtlety than a “wash me” message, reverse graffiti artists have hit the streets to take a bite out of grime. And as to the softer side of urban art? Knitta, please.

    Photo: Alexandre Orion

  2. Go fuzz yourself

    The hatas who wanted to give Knut the boot better watch their backs ’cause this cuddly wuddly fuzz ball ain’t playin’. Officially branded by the Berlin Zoo, the celeb cub‘s got his “Knut Ist Gut!” single on German shelves, raspberry-flavored sweets in the works, and his mug on the cover of the German Vanity Fair. He’s practically a hip-hop empire, and he’s only three months old.

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    Photo: Berlin Zoo

    Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

  3. The less brief, the better

    We’re hung up in a big way on soy underwear from 2(x)ist, which brings “a new sense of style to what was once a purely functional part of one’s wardrobe.” We have no endowed — er, doubt that it functions just fine. Is it hot in here?

    Photo: 2(x)ist

  4. As a matter of fact, no, she can’t spare a square

    This turn of events was made for Grist Listin’: A suggestion to tear with care made Sheryl Crow the butt of many jokes. But did you hear how she wiped the smile off rapmaster Rove, tellin’ him climate change won’t do him good? Talk about a bum-rush.

    Photo: Vera Anderson / WireImage.com

  5. Stellllllaaaa!!!!

    Call us bag ladies, if you must, but we’ve got to wrap up the latest handbag haps: The $15 Hindmarch must-have (now on eBay for $200) may be Not a Plastic Bag, but it’s also Not an Ethical Bag. How to handle this scandal? With a $960 silk Hermes or a $495 organic canvas Stella, of course. But what will we tote when we can’t afford groceries?

    Photo: Stella McCartney

  6. You know the grill

    Purists that we are, we’re so thankful that a carbon-neutral dental practice has opened in the U.K. Now we can fly across the pond to glam up our grillz, guilt-free!

    Photo: Corey McKrill Click to enlarge

  7. We failed kindergarten

    This artist installed a phone in a melting glacier, so callers can hear every agonizing drip … drip … drip. This artist draped a peak in red fabric to call attention to its eco-plight. Not to be outdone, wecreated this masterpiece. We call it “Sad Mountain.”

    Photo: billsaturno via flickr

  8. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

    Thousands of Hindu pilgrims were left less than satisfied at the climax of a long trek when they found that their sacred phallic icicle had melted into a tiny stump. Geologists blame the, ahem, performance issues on global warming and the travelers’ “hot, sweaty bodies.”

  9. Tap that ass

    We like Butt Buttsand we cannot lie. Awkwardly placed spigot and all.

    Photo: Hemingway Design

  10. Clothesless

    What this PETA ad teaches us: She’s hot ’cause she’s veg. You ain’t ’cause you not. Veg is why, veg is why, veg is why she’s hot.

  11. Photo: Leon Bennett / WireImage