1. Toby … or not Toby

    Former feuders Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks tried to put a boot in global warming’s ass by appearing together in a “we” campaign ad. But plans were nixed when they couldn’t reconcile their differences schedules. Seems they’re still not ready to make nice.

    Photo: John Shearer/Wire Image

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  2. Grin and bear it

    Remember back on April Fool’s Day when we wrote that fake news story about polar bears being relocated to Antarctica and y’all totally bought it? Hahaha. Good times. Well, turns out the joke may be on us. And the penguins.

  3. The green Miley

    In a Breakout eco-anthem, Miley Cyrus tells America to wake up: “Global warming, going green, I don’t know what all this means.” Um … inspiring! In other climate change news, “singing about doing something” is the new “actually doing something.”

  4. Glueless

    Some climate-change protesters march to get their message across. Others scale buildings. This anti-airport activist tried to superglue himself to a prime minister. Unfortunately, the stunt didn’t fly … and his message probably won’t stick.

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  5. Design of the times

    Eco-friendly fash is “in” — or so said der Klum on this week’s Project Runway, which featured the ever-delectable Natalie Portman guest-judging the designers’ green(ish) cocktail frocks. Oh NatPo, such good taste in fashion … such strange taste in men.