Donald Carr, who has written for this site, has made a couple of podcasts about food policy with Baylen Linnekin, founder of Keep Food Legal Foundation. You can follow it here. It’s called Food Fight, and it’s really good.

Actually, I should qualify that a bit: They’ve structured the show in two parts, and the second part is really good. In that part, the hosts bring in a panel of food and ag journalists to talk about current debates. They chat and spar and dish insider gossip about how different issues are bouncing around the Washington, D.C., pinball machine. They’ve talked about GMOs, lab meat, thin Oreos, urban foraging, and the trans fat ban, just to pick a few of their topics.

The first half of the shows, I have to admit, strained my patience to the point that I ended up fast forwarding. This is where the hosts interview representatives of advocacy organizations. To be fair, maybe I found it boring because I’d already heard all the talking points that the activists brought up. It felt less like a food fight than a luchador lunging around the ring without an opponent.

Carr and Linnekin have released two shows so far, and they are calling them demos, which suggests that they may or may not make more. I hope they keep going — I am certainly learning from them.

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