Ohio isn’t exactly known for fine, fresh cuisine. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t folks trying to change that in the Buckeye State, as this episode of Victory Garden documents. Take a few minutes to find out about new approaches to Midwestern food. You’ll:

  • Meet a middleman who has an eye on the big picture. Warren Taylor was an engineer who designed multimillion-dollar industrial food plants before he got fed up: “That’s not food to me,” he says. So he built Snowville Creamery to process milk from grass-fed dairy cows. Taylor, a businessman who takes the long view on food and rural communities, wants to build a “capitalism that supports democracy instead of subverting it.”
  • Spend time with a couple who ferments everythingFrom kombucha to kimchi to kefir, Fab Ferments is building a culture of cultures out of their backyard goats and garden. Watch for a demonstration on how to build a farm-fresh fermented salsa.
  • Learn to plan ahead with great gardening tips. 
  • Make tandoori chicken wings with a chef who worked in some of New York’s hottest restaurants before opening a restaurant in Cincinnati.

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