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I’ve put it in writing before, and I’ll say it again: I love America. I really, truly do! But this week, at least, my relationship with the land of my birth has faced some dire challenges, as it seems that the governing body of this fair nation has become something of a series of practical jokes. This one is particularly hilarious (read: Please direct me to the nearest open window): The likely head of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is the man who literally wrote the book on climate denial — and even talked to us about it! America’s coastline, meet your reaper: James Inhofe, Oklahoma senator. (I would specify political party, but at this point it’s just redundant.)

Whenever we feel real sad, we turn to one of our would-be Grist boyfriends: Stephen Colbert. (I know it seems like we have a lot of those. Well, sea levels are rising, life is short, and we like to keep our options open!) On the much-beloved refrain of the GOP with regard to climate change, Colbert reflects: “Yes, everyone who denies man-made climate change has the same stirring message: ‘We don’t know what the f*** we’re talking about!'”

So, watch the video above, and at least a few of the tears in your Friday double bourbon (let’s be honest — this week, it’s at least a triple) will be from laughter.

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