Federal diet guidelines won’t mention food’s environment connection. Ugh.

The new dietary guidelines want you to know that your food came from the grocery store.

Notes of cherry, oak, and Coppertone

Australia is so hot even the grapes wear sunscreen

With summer temperatures skyrocketing, winemakers in Australia protect their delicate harvest with a hearty dose of SPF.


Hold up, maybe don’t sprinkle all that chlorpyrifos on your toast

Surprise! This pesticide is nastier than we thought, says the EPA.


The USDA might tell Americans to eat less beef for the sake of the environment

It turns out that what's healthier for humans is also healthier for the climate.


Beef: Still what’s for dinner, still controversial

Are cows destroying the climate? And is grass-fed even worse than grain-fed beef? We take a look at "Defending Beef" by Nicolette Hahn Niman.

Hop Dreams

When it comes to naming craft beers, there’s a perfect legal storm a-microbrewin’

There are so many craft beers that microbreweries are now fighting over names.


The new year means more healthy food — and junk food, apparently

While we toss in seaweed chips and gluten-free bread into our shopping carts, we forget to let up on the Cheetos.


A New Year’s scramble to obey California’s hard-boiled egg laws

By aiming rules at eaters rather than farmers, California's bid to change poultry farming might actually succeed.


Your new favorite TV show will make you drool

Perennial Plate's take on the PBS classic Victory Garden will take you on a tour of America's food scene.

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