Michelle Obama thinks carrots are better than Ariana Grande

Watch Michelle Obama and Big Bird compete on a bizarre game show -- all to get kids to eat more vegetables.


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Grist's resident relationship counselor sat down with three well-meaning lovebirds who just want to up their sustainability game this year.

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Fair game

This supermarket sells your food waste back to you in raccoon form

Not only is raccoon meat perfectly legal in California, it's also a brilliant way to reduce food waste.


Nationwide GMO labeling bills have another Groundhog Day

Since a GOP-controlled Congress is unlikely to embrace the mandatory labeling some Democrats support, don't hold your breath on this one.


So can we really feed the world? Yes — and here’s how

Nathanael Johnson spent six months asking if we could support small farmers, protect the planet, and end hunger. This is what he learned.

Water flowing underground, same as it ever was

Will San Francisco’s water snobs drink from the gutter?

California's persistent drought has led San Francisco to take a second look at its long-neglected underground streams and springs.

BPA in my IPA? WTF!?

There’s a scary toxin in your beer can, and it isn’t alcohol

BPA is in beer cans -- even your local, small-batch, organic smoked stout.


What’s a watermelon radish, and what do I do with it?

A great discovery, an even better pickle, and what to do with your latest CSA haul.

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