Oolong Time Coming

If you don’t talk to your co-workers about tea-kettle use, who will?

When a writer from Vermont finds herself in a tea-obsessed office, she wonders which water-heating method is the most energy-efficient. In response, advice maven Umbra Fisk thinks steep thoughts.

Induction Deduction

Which type of stovetop is the most energy-efficient?

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Grease Enlightening

The bitter truth about butter’s environmental impacts

A recently converted vegan wonders if it takes more energy to produce cooking oils than it does to make butter. Advice maven Umbra Fisk says she shouldn't waffle.

in hot dog water

These sea cucumbers vacuum up the ocean’s trash — and they’re in trouble

Pollution and overfishing are big problems for the "burnt hot dog" cucumber.


What would actually happen if we stopped eating so much meat?

A new study shows just how much CO2 -- and lives -- we'd save if we just cut our meat consumption in half by 2050.


I’m Grist’s new executive editor. Tell me how to do my job.

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