3. will.i.am is making a play to be the new Bono, a performer taken seriously on matters of world import. Though he lacks Bono’s, er, understanding of matters of world import, he does have a huge Rolodex, the ability to project himself as a hologram, and an almost uncanny instinct for tickling the millennial American id, as demonstrated by his now-famous “Yes We Can” video. (Not to mention “My Humps.”)

Slightly less impactful, and with fewer lovely lady lumps, was “Take Our Planet Back,” a song Mr. i.am did for Mr. Gore. It’s a little sappy, but it does contain this immortal passage:

Nicola Tesla turned the Niagara Falls into energy way back when
and we still burnin’ coal when you can make electricity with solar and wind
now who’s gettin’ played?
and who’s getting paid?

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