Welcome back to Woman Crush Wednesday! This week’s roundup includes a lot of babely women taking charge of a whole spectrum of reproductive rights, from baby prevention to baby care. And if you’re asking yourself what a uterus has to do with environmentalism — well, you’ve come to the right place. Preventing unplanned pregnancies with safe, affordable birth control is not only a highly effective way to address our world’s booming population growth and carbon emissions, but it also gives women more control of their lives and improves their economic opportunities. Talk about a win-win!

Here’s who we’ve been crushing on this week:

  • Speaking of birth control, I’m all about women taking ownership of their sexuality. That’s why I’m also crushing on Meika Hollender, who co-founded the condom startup Sustain with her father, Jeffrey (they chatted with us about their new venture in October). Not only are their condoms vegan and Fair Trade, Hollender wants to do away with all the dumb, antiquated negative perceptions associated with a woman who carries her own condoms. It’s not slutty — it’s just smart. (Elle)
Sustain goody bag

A grab-bag assortment, if you will, of Sustain condoms.Grist / Amelia Bates

  • This group of 6-year-old Girl Scouts who invented an automatic page turner out of Legos for those who need a little extra help reading. The budding engineers demonstrated the project in front of President Obama last week at the White House Science Fair. (The New York Times)
  • Kelly Carlisle, a Navy veteran who founded her Bay Area farm, Acta Non Verba, so at-risk youth can grow, sell, and profit from their own produce. (MUNCHIES)
  • Swedish pop-music and futuristic fashion icon, Robyn, who announced plans to launch a festival in Sweden with workshops on electronic music, programming, 3D printing and the like for young girls interested in STEM fields. Fembots unite! (The Verge)

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup!

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