WTF is a GMO?

It’s practically impossible to define “GMOs”

The more you look into it, the more you find that there is no way to sensibly draw a line around a class of foods and say they contain GMOs.


What makes mayo? FDA finally answers this existential question

Remember the great mayo battle of 2015? It finally has a victor.

Climate & Energy

Nevada ranchers collect drought subsidies while denying the drought

Two ranching families at the center of the Battle Mountain protests received $2.2 million from a federal drought disaster relief program.


No, lettuce is not worse for the climate than bacon

Don't believe the headlines about that new study. The vegans are still right.


What on Earth is a climatarian?

“Climatarian” made the New York Times’ list of top food words from 2015. But will it catch on?

The next big food safety technology could be from this ancient root

People have long used turmeric to fight disease -- now there's a new way of using it to protect against foodborne illness

Don't believe the snipe

The good news about farming and the Paris climate talks

Agriculture isn't mentioned in the big climate deal. So what? The conclave did embrace major new research into how soil can soak up carbon.

Soda Jerk

How much energy does a soda machine waste?

You love your Coke, but what's it costing the planet? Among other things, a whole lot of wasted energy. Advice maven Ask Umbra explains.


Antibiotic use went up last year. Should we be freaking out?

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are also on the rise, explains Chicken Little.