Hamburglar Comin

McDonald’s feeble attempt to encourage walking is short-lived

The company put fitness trackers in Happy Meals along with the customary 23 grams of fat. They didn’t last.

dirty words

Watch this adorable preview for the end of the world

Erosion is the most terrifying and boring problem you’ve never heard about.

c'est la vie

It’ll be hard to toast to the end of the world without champagne

Pour one out for the champagne industry. Wait, don't.


Monsanto’s new GMO soybeans are making a hot mess for farmers

Its herbicide-tolerant crop is pitting farmer against farmer.

Climate & Energy

Why the heck isn’t drought-stricken California measuring water?

A new report reveals the big water problems California has yet to solve.

natural gas

Cows pass gas “so they don’t explode,” dairy industry reminds us

California wants to curb methane emissions, but flatulent cows might not cooperate.

Pit of Despair

Finally, a solution to the worst scourge of this scorched Earth: brown avocado

By saving avocados from mud-colored fate, a new machine might make a dent in our mountains of food waste.

Business & Technology

One company is labeling GMOs with pride — of course it’s Soylent.

Soylent wants you to know it isn't made of people; it's made with GMOs.

worth a shot

Farm animals are about to get a lot more shots

Big pharma is trying to get farms off antibiotics by investing in vaccines.