fruitless effort

No peaches or apricots? Blame the Northeast’s warm, wacky winter.

El Niño has made life less peachy for stone fruits.

good dirt

Plants have an immune system, too. It’s called soil.

The more microbes, the merrier.


Kenya is on the brink of approving GMOs

Most African countries have locked out GMO crops, but a few are beginning to open their doors.

as kazakh as apple pie

Your food is better traveled than you are

National ​dishes are made up of ingredients from around the world.

That's Offal

Can we reduce meat’s climate impact by eating more animal parts?

A reader wonders if looking beyond choice cuts would lessen a carnivore's carbon footprint. Advice maven Umbra Fisk wags her tongue.


Our bodies don’t need meat. So why can’t we give it up?

A new book explains why humans eat animals.


Organic milk is not the same as better milk

Where your milk comes from may be just as important as an organic label.


Species-wide gene editing could potentially save life on earth — or permanently damage it

Top scientists just encouraged more research into this controversial new technology.


Our rotten immigration policies have left us with a bunch of rotten food

Ramped-up border patrols have kept farmworkers away — which is a big problem for our agricultural system.