iTransiTrans: Find maps, schedules, and service advisories for major U.S. cities with this app-store favorite. $3.99 4 stars iTunes

iTransitBuddyiTransitBuddy: This app provides train maps and schedules for multiple U.S. cities. $4.99 3 stars iTunes

thenexttraintheNextTrain: View train departure times from any station in nine U.S. transit systems. Individual apps are available for each city. $3.99-4.99 Go to theNextTrain website to find city-specific apps.

UniBusUniBus: Using Google transit data, this app estimates arrival times of buses and trains for 20+ U.S. cities. $1.99 2 stars iTunes

Search the iTunes app store for transit apps specific to almost every major American and international city. (Seattle? Try Seattle Bus. Bangkok? Try BKK Transit. State College, Pa.? Try CATA bus. You get the idea.)


Bike Your DriveBike Your Drive: This app doubles a basic cyclocomputer and carbon calculator. Instantly compute your average speed and elapsed time on the bike as well as how many calories you’ve burned and lbs of CO2 emissions offset. You can save multiple routes and geotag photos of landmarks. Free 3 stars iTunes


Car CareCar Care: Keep track of the fuel economy, carbon footprint, and maintenance schedule for multiple vehicles.  $4.99 3.5 stars iTunes

Carbon FootprintCarbon Footprint: Like other fuel economy calculators, this app records fuel economy, costs, and consumption for multiple vehicles.  This one also shows how you compare to the average American. $0.99 2.5 stars iTunes

CarticipateCarticipate: Carpool to work? This app facilitates carpools around the world.  Enter your desired destination and departure time, and the app will find available options. No iPhone? Try the facebook app. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

FuelGaugeFuelGauge: Designed for the mileage nerd, FuelGauge emphasizes data. Track fuel efficiency in different units (English or metric) and over time (short- and long-term trends), calculate fuel costs in different currencies, and analyze fuel consumption for different vehicles.  $0.99 2.5 stars iTunes

GasHogGasHog: Like FuelGauge, GasHog is all about the data.  Track fuel economy, costs, and consumption trends for different vehicles.  This app also offers tips for more fuel-efficient driving. $0.99 3.5 stars iTunes

greenMetergreenMeter: Like the other mileage apps, greenMeter uses the iPhone accelerometer to measure fuel consumption, efficiency, and costs.  However, this app includes more information on your car’s carbon footprint and provides detailed graphs of fuel consumption. The folks at the Living Green Channel and the New York Times Green Inc. blog praised this app.  $5.99 3 stars iTunes

Green Gas SaverGreen Gas Saver: This app uses the iPhone’s internal accelerometer to monitor your fuel efficiency. It provides specific feedback on efficient cornering and accelerating as well as a green driving score (note to developers: the market is saturated, find something else for which to use the accelerometer). Free 2 stars iTunes

TrafficTraffic: Using Google traffic feeds, this app maps traffic congestion around your location.  Avoid idling in traffic and emitting greenhouse gasses by checking the traffic sitch before you drive. $1.99 2 stars iTunes

If you can only download one: Because transit apps are so specific to the transit systems (or lack thereof) of your locale, get greenMeter. Reviewers like the detailed graphs of fuel consumption statistics.

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