Business and Activism


ACTprinterACTPrinter: Mac users can avoid paper entirely with this AppCraver-recommended app. Download this app and the free Mac OS X-supported (sorry PCs) PDF printer for iPhone, and you will be forever free from extraneous bits of paper like boarding passes, recipes, movie tickets, etc. $0.99 3 stars iTunes

GreenCardGreenCard: Share business cards without exchanging cardstock. This app sends a digital business card to your iPhone contacts. If you modify your card, all past recipients will automatically receive the update. Free 2 stars iTunes


A Real TreeA Real Tree: Plant a tree in one of 12 deforestation-plagued countries when you buy this app.  Endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program, A Real Tree has partnered with Sustainable Harvest International and Trees For The Future to plant trees that contribute to local economies. $0.99 4 stars iTunes

iPhorestiPhorest: Similar to A Real Tree, this app is another buy-a-digital-tree-plant-a-real-tree kind of app.  Differences: The Conservation Fund does the tree-planting, which will start in wildlife habitats in the American Gulf Coast; and you can interact more with the iPhorest tree, for instance, by shaking your iPhone to simulate a storm. $4.99 2.5 stars iTunes  

If you can only download one: Get A Real Tree. Reviewers like that it only costs $1, but still plants a tree in a country plagued by deforestation. 

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