EcoFinderEcoFinder: Live in San Francisco? Want to recycle? This app, brought to you by a partnership of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment with web developer Haku Wale, can tell you what, where, and how to recycle in the city of San Francisco. Free 3 stars iTunes

iRecycleiRecycle: Find recycling and disposal locations across the country with this app from recycling nonprofit Earth911.  Search by item or location to find 100,000 municipal and private drop-off sites. Free 3.5 stars iTunes

Local ReuseLocal Reuse: Don’t throw it away, give it away.  This app connects otherwise landfill-destined reusable items with people who want the ultimate free bargain. Enter your zip code to see what’s available in your area. Free 2 stars iTunes

Plastic RecyclerPlastic Recycler: This app essentially replaces the note on your fridge reminding you what plastics you can recycle, but it doesn’t do much more than that. To use this app: you find out your local recycling policies for plastics, then you enter them into the app by pressing the icons for the seven types of recyclable plastic, then you lock the app. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

If you can only download one: Assuming most readers don’t live in San Francisco, get iRecycle.  Reviewers like that you can search for recycling locations across the country — but check the website first to see if your city is served by the app.

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