Energy Monitoring

CarbonCatcherCarbonCatcher: If you can get past the background image of a polar bear hovering over the Earth and collecting CO2 molecules with a net, this app could help you offset your food-miles. Use this app to purchase carbon credits via PayPal and then count them toward your daily meals.  Free 2 stars iTunes

Carbon CalcCarbon Calc: This app finds your carbon footprint by combining the toll from your annual air and automobile travel with your home energy consumption.  Use that total to compare your carbon contribution with that of the average American (23 tons!?) and the average European (Don’t ask.  It will only make you feel guilty). Then, after you’ve just given yourself a world class guilt trip, the app offers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets via PayPal. Free 3 stars iTunes

Carbon TrackerCarbon Tracker: Track your annual carbon footprint for travel with this app.  Features include: monthly carbon goals and actual emissions charts based on travel events. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

GreenYouGreenYou: Calculate your carbon footprint with this app by entering your annual automobile travel, transit use, and household water and energy consumption.  After you calculate the carbon damage, the app provides tips to reduce that footprint. Biggest drawback: this app overlooked air miles. $0.99 no rating iTunes

Green CalculatorGreen Calculator: This app records your carbon emissions by adding average carbon values for your lifestyle choices (i.e. how much you air condition your home) and your carbon-spewing events (i.e. a flight from New York to Seattle). There is also a free Lite version. $1.99 no rating iTunes

Global Warming Personal CalculatorGlobal Warming Personal Calculator: The developers for this app didn’t waste money on frivolous graphics, but what the GWPC lacks in fashion it makes up in function.  Using country specific estimates, it calculates individual carbon footprints based on your given automobile and air travel, household heat consumption, and electricity usage. $0.99 no rating iTunes

iCarboniCarbon: The complete opposite of the GWPC, this app is all about style.  It adds home energy usage and flight miles to calculate your carbon footprint and completely overlooks automobile travel (yikes!). But it does feature a pretty rockin’ picture of coal on the landing screen. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

MeterReadMeterRead: Use this app to monitor your energy consumption via your electric meter. Simply synch your meter with the app’s digital one and the app will estimate your month’s energy consumption on an ongoing basis.   $2.99 3 stars iTunes

MyCarbonMyCarbon: Like the other carbon calculators, this app calculates tons of emitted CO2 for your gasoline, energy, and utilities consumption. Unique to this app, it shows a tracker of your month-to-month carbon emissions displayed over a soothing picture of blades of grass. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

TwavelTwavel: Carbon footprint + social network = Twavel. The app has a carbon calculator dedicated to calculating travel-related CO2 emissions and a social network so you can boast about your CO2 reductions to fellow Twavellers (don’t we have enough social networks already?). There is also a gratuitously cutesy insect icon involved that’s supposed to help teach kids about carbon. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

If you can only download one: Get Carbon Calc.  Though the option to purchase carbon offsets is kitschy, reviewers like the organization of the app and the opportunity to compare their footprints to those of average U.S. and E.U. citizens.

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