ECOcalECOcal: Some people actually know when geese will begin to molt or what the best time is to spot Orion’s belt (January), but for those not in the know there is an app that keeps a schedule of natural phenomena.  ECOcal is a visual calendar of Earth’s natural cycles paired with a Gregorian calendar. When do bees start to buzz around? Download the app to find out. $3.99 3.5 stars iTunes

FlyToMapFlyToMap: View maps of U.S. National Parks and waterways with this series of apps from cartographer FlyToMap.  Park maps contain trail maps from the National Park Service as well as lakes, rivers, and points of interest.  Water maps contain nautical charts and depth contours. $0.99-$2.99 see FlyToMap website to download individual apps.

Google EarthGoogle Earth: Want to gaze at melting glaciers while sitting in traffic in Los Angeles? Download the mobile app of the much lauded Google program.  Free 3.5 stars iTunes

GreenMachineGreenMachine: To all recycling nerds who still regret downcycling their original Game Boys, GreenMachine is the app for you. This game combines Tetris with sorting recyclables for all your procrastination needs. $0.99 no rating iTunes

Green Energy NowGreen Energy Now: Essentially a green trivia bank, this app features an assortment of random green facts, a news reader, a green tip generator, and a green trivia quiz — perfect preparation for green trivia night at your local watering-hole. $0.99 3 stars iTunes

Green LightGreen Light: Read by the light of a glowing CFL with this flashlight app. $0.99 3 stars iTunes


Green ThumbGreen Thumb: Like gardening? Competitive gardening? Then you probably don’t waste too much time playing games on your iPhone, but for those minutes between mulching and watering this app presents 60+ gardening-themed puzzles. $2.99 5 stars iTunes

Green TriangleGreen Triangle: Concerned about the environmental impacts of the percussive musical instrument industry? Forgo the real triangle for the iPhone app that chimes with a mere shake of the wrist. Need a full band? Get the maracas, the bongos, and, yes, the cowbell. $0.99 3 stars iTunes 

iPlanetiPlanet!: For those who subscribe to social networks for the sake of being in social networks, the developers of iPhorest have created a network to turn the world green — digitally.  Every user who downloads this app adds a pinprick of green light to a digital globe. Free 3 stars iTunes

WhaleSongWhaleSong Project: Stream the songs of humpback whales with this AppCraver-recommended app. $1.99 3 stars iTunes

If you can only download one: Get Google Earth.  Reviewers like that it’s exactly the same as the computer program, and beyond the voyeuristic entertainment value, you can use it to get directions and check traffic.

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