Green Living Tips

Get GreenGet Green: Get a tip a day with this app. The tips seem informative — the example in iTunes explains why balancing coffee grounds with dried grass in your compost will offset the nitrogen in the coffee. Plus, a seasonal filter prevents suggestions for a greener Halloween from popping up in April. $0.99 3 stars iTunes

Go GreenGo Green: Every time this app opens, you will be greeted with a new green living tip.  While beneficial in theory, some of the tips ring hollow — the next time you travel, consider the bus? Boring. Beware: ads appear in the app. Free 3 stars iTunes

Green BookThe Green Book: A New York Times bestseller in app form, The Green Book dispenses the tips and advice of the book of the same name. The app also includes celebrity anecdotes from the likes of Cameron Diaz and Will Ferrell. $5.99 3.5 stars iTunes

Green LemurGreen Lemur: Get the tip of the day or look up topic-specific tips with this app. Some of the tips are unquestionably shallow — buy an organic cotton suit! — but the tips cover a lot of breadth, so there’s bound to be some helpful advice. Free 3 stars iTunes

Green TipsGreen Tips: Get a tip a day from the social networking site GreenNexxus with this app. Free 2.5 stars iTunes

iamgreeniamgreen: More than just the average tip generator, this app offers tips, makes quizzes, and encourages users to compare their greeniness to others around the world. The app also makes lifestyle suggestions for how you should best use your iPhone and computer to minimize your carbon footprint. $1.99 no rating iTunes

If you can only download one: Get Green is for you. Reviewers like the tip-a-day function and the thoroughness of the tips’ suggestions.

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