The climate change documentary series Years of Living Dangerously has done a pretty good job of reaching across the aisles to engage everyone from climate evangelists to, well, actual evangelists. From deforestation in Indonesia to hurricane preparations in New York City, the show’s concerned celebrity correspondents and intrepid hosts get on the ground where climate change has started to wreak its havoc.

But political correctness can only go so far. This online-only scene from the show, featuring food writer Mark Bittman grilling Americans for Prosperity henchman Steve Lonegan about climate change, muses on the possibility that Koch money funded Christie’s rapid retreat on New Jersey’s part in the regional cap-and-trade system RGGI.

If you’re a big fan of the show but still not quite ready to splurge on that Showtime subscription, you’re kinda in luck. Showtime has decided to make the first four episodes of its climate change tour de force available to other cable subscribers this weekend. (The catch is that only participating cable distributors will be involved … not good for the TV-free among us.)

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The latest episode, which airs this weekend, follows 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl to Greenland’s glaciers and Vampire Diaries’ dreamy Ian Somerhalder to North Carolina, to track the conflict between faith and climate activism. But if you’re still not willing convert to cable, you can always watch the first episode free on Youtube.

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