2019 sure has been a doozy of a year for climate change, huh? From wildfires to floods and cold snaps to heatwaves, people around the world have been seeing the effects of our sweltering planet in their own backyards. And it’s not just the weather — rising temperatures are reshaping every part of our life. It’s changing where we can grow food and how we get sick. It’s hitting some placesand people — worse than others, but most of us are feeling the heat one way or another. And accordingly, the topic of climate is starting to pop up in seemingly unrelated political conversations, like those about gentrification or foreign relations.

Here at Grist, we’re doing our best to cover all the trends and big events as they’re happening. But we also know that behind all the headlines and statistics are people living their lives. As the year wraps up, we want to know how climate change has affected you. Did you live through one of the big catastrophes of the year, like the flooding in the Midwest? Did you decide not to buy that house in California after seeing another season of wildfires? Did you have tomatoes in your garden through November?

Big or small, widely reported or not, life-changing or inconvenient or just sort of weird, we want to hear your story. We’ll round up our favorites for a future Grist story.

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