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Business & Technology

Toyota’s sick paint job could cut carbon emissions

This solar-reflective lime-green paint could cut gas bills, too.


Whole Foods pop-ups might offer tattoos next to the asparagus water

Yes, really.


Debate moderators should ask Hillary and Bernie about climate plans

Hillary and Bernie have differences on climate. Why don't we hear about them at the debates?


Gravitational wave discovery gives us reason to save humankind, I guess

If we don't live to tell this incredible story, then what was it all for?


Obama protects nearly 2 million acres of scenic California desert

The current president has protected more land and water than any other in history.


This Valentine’s Day, get frisky with DIY flaxseed lube

Here's our recipe for planet-friendly lube.


New York mayor’s zoning plans: Green, but not so good for affordable housing

Bill de Blasio's proposal would encourage density and transit access, but it wouldn't create nearly enough new dwelling units.

Climate & Energy

Mountaintop removal mining is flattening Appalachia

Researchers have quantified the impact of 40 years of mountaintop removal, and it doesn't look pretty.


GOP reps vs. EPA’s clean water rules: Ready, fire, aim

There might be some reasons for Congress to grill the EPA leadership about its clean water rules, but this hearing couldn't find them.

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