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This solar water purifier is a simple and powerful tool for fighting climate change

Heating and cleaning water with the sun should be a no-brainer.


This Chipotle conspiracy theory is the craziest thing we’ve read all day

Welcome to the internet, where you can say anything.


A lack of battery recycling could be hurting this important bacterium

We better be smarter about disposal if we’re going to use more lithium ion batteries.


Should we feel guilty for watching the Super Bowl?

The Grist staff weighs in on whether they will or won't be watching the big game.


Which is worse for women, alcohol or patronizing health advice?

Sadly, the new CDC recommendations aren't even the most frustrating piece of reproductive health news this week.


A movement to make Trump Park great again — by renaming it for Pete Seeger

A petition to rename the park for the beloved folk singer gathers steam.

The world’s biggest solar plant takes important step forward

Morocco just switched on phase one of a power plan for a million people.


The X-Files, conspiracy theories, and the ‘90s: The inconvenient truth is out there

The new X-Files reboot weaves climate change into its dark web of conspiracy-theory thinking.


Growing forests gobble up carbon like growing teenagers raiding the fridge

Some secondary forests that regrow after deforestation can absorb up to 11 times more carbon than Amazonian old growth forests

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