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Bill Nye, Amy Schumer, and Broad City team up to explain the universe in 3 minutes

Ladies, let's not rely on "the universe" to tell us what to do with our lives.

Climate & Energy

2 cool maps that show how wind power is poised to go big — really big

The U.S. Department of Energy has published two new maps that put that our wind-powered future in concrete terms.

Climate & Energy

You can’t talk about the future of the Democratic Party without talking about climate change

A recent N.Y. Times article paints Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D) as a pragmatist fighting off a challenge from his left, but it misses the mark by ignoring his progressive leadership on climate change.


What happens if I flush leftover drugs down the toilet?

A reader wonders about the best way to dispose of unneeded medicine. Umbra plumbs for answers.

Climate & Energy

The Navy gears up for huge war games in Alaska — wildlife and environment be damned

As climate change melts Arctic ice, the military is increasingly focused on the far north. That's bad news for ecosystems and native people.


Go diving for sea urchins with a hilarious 73-year-old

This video explores San Diego's awesome food scene.

Green Screen

Is Tomorrowland the most dystopian movie of 2015?

Hype around Tomorrowland has focused on the film’s optimism -- look at this happy, perfect future we could have! It's not that simple.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is messing with gravity again

Antarctic ice is still melting at a gravity-shifting rate. Climate change is really heavy stuff.


Diverse cities don’t always have diverse neighborhoods

Some of the most racially "diverse" cities in the country are also the most segregated.