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“My house is in a Superfund site”

The story of East Chicago’s lead crisis.

How to be an effective environmentalist (as told with smoothies)

Watch our video on why it's high time to get civically engaged.

burger, interrupted

Can’t quit meat? This meatless burger wants to help.

A handful of startups are getting closer to the perfect plant patty.

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“Resistance as daily existence”: One woman’s story as a climate scientist under Trump

How fearful text messages morphed into activism.

atlantic antics

This summer is going to be great … for hurricanes

NOAA released its Atlantic hurricane season forecast.

Climate change lawsuits are on the rise

People are suing their governments to demand action.

panels make good neighbors

In Brooklyn, you can now sell solar power to your neighbors

A cutting-edge technology offers a new way to trade electricity.

The Monuments Men

Trump doesn’t really give a crap what you think about national monuments

A curious decision by the new administration could open protected wilderness to energy exploration.

With public lands at stake, outdoors enthusiasts head to D.C.

“I think public lands may be the best thing about America, and I don’t want that going away.”

March for Science finally released thoroughly fact-checked crowd count

They made sure to "science the shit out" of it.

rising concern

Rising seas are lapping at the shores of the world’s poorest countries

Tropical nations face increased flooding thanks to climate change.

Climate change spells dry times ahead for the West

Snowpack, groundwater, and Colorado River levels are all shrinking.

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