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Victory! California guv signs bill to protect clotheslines

The Sunshine State reinforces its citizens' right to hang out their laundry in public with a new law.


New York’s JFK airport has an urban farm. Wait, what?

An urban garden opens outside JetBlue Airways' Terminal 5.

Climate & Energy

Solar power access looking a lot brighter in California

Thanks to a new bill, California is making low-income access to solar power happen on a larger scale than anywhere else in the country.


Media disaster reporting can throw a wrench in the way you process disaster risk

A new study in Nature Climate Change suggests that news reports on natural disasters can actually reduce risk perceptions.

Business & Technology

Self-driving cars are good. Too good

Google's driverless cars: The future is here and it just got rear-ended by the present.


Cities could be big players when it comes to cutting carbon emissions

When national governments fall short in their climate commitments, local governments can help make up ground.

Business & Technology

Amazon makes a big play for the Etsy crowd

Want to buy artisan goods from a corporate behemoth? Amazon has you covered.

Climate & Energy

Good news: Wind energy is the cheapest energy source in Germany and the U.K.

Renewable energy sources are gaining ground on fossil fuels.

This pumpkin shortage will be the scariest thing about Halloween

Thanks, climate change!

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