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Climate & Energy

What can a president do to boost renewable energy? A lot

Even without approval from Congress, Obama or his successor could take big steps to promote clean energy projects on federal land.

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Bees and flowers have a special relationship, and climate change is screwing it up

This video explains how climate-induced changes in flowering cycles could make for pollination trouble.


Gamers guzzle a crazy amount of energy

Battling virtual monsters can end up requiring a lot of computing power.

Climate & Energy

Marijuana industry struggles with devastating wildfire season

Blazes along the West Coast have pot farmers starting to feel the burn.

Climate & Energy

Many U.S. Catholics haven’t heard of Pope Francis’ climate push

But his visit to the United States could change all that.

Climate & Energy

These charts show how much worse fires have gotten in your state

Large wildfires are now more common and destructive.

Climate & Energy

Obama gets apocalyptic as he talks climate change in Alaska

The president kicked off a tour of Alaska with a dramatic speech warning of the possibility of "submerged countries" and "abandoned cities."

Grover Norquist goes to Burning Man, texts us all about it

The conservative anti-tax crusader appreciates the can-do spirit of Black Rock City. Here, he checks in with us from the Playa.


No, Carly Fiorina, the government has not “destroyed” California ag

According to the GOP candidate, regulation is strangling the Golden State's farmers. Yet somehow they are still earning record profits.

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