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Too many apples? Here’s what to do with them (Hint: It’s not pie)

This fall season, fall in love with savory apple flatbread.

Business & Technology

Whole Foods will stop selling food made by prisoners

Two products sold at Whole Foods came under fire for using inmate labor.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands oil mining has now come to the U.S.

U.S. Oil Sands has started drilling in Utah -- even though the tar-sands industry in Canada is struggling to make a profit.

Climate & Energy

Meet the drought-stricken communities of California’s San Joaquin Valley

After years of drought and shortsighted land-use planning, the water crisis has intensified for residents in California's self-reliant communities.


Got a date? Take him or her home — in honor of House Republicans

In honor of recreational sex, our chasers for the week are going to be as unreasonably caliente as we can muster.

Climate & Energy

Food company execs want Congress to get off its butt and do something about climate change

The CEOS of Kellogg, General Mills, and eight other companies published a letter calling for action and made a visit to Capitol Hill.


Obama squanders opportunity to clean up smog and fight climate change

The EPA just tightened its rule on ozone pollution, but not nearly enough.


Does the United Nations’ new global sustainability agenda mean anything for cities?

The U.N.'s new development goals are lofty and ambitious. The devil, as usual, is in the details of the metrics.

Climate & Energy

The Democratic debates should put a big focus on climate change — here’s why

Activists are pushing to make climate a major topic in the Democratic primary debates, and that's a great idea for a number of reasons.

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