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Hand out good karma with a gift to the right green group

Here's how to figure out where your money will do the most good.

bank on it

In the midst of war, this Syrian seed bank is still going

At least for now, the seeds are safe.

a matter of facts

Yes, you can defend science without being partisan

The March for Science is about much more than Trump.

Doth protest too much? Naw. Here’s how to do it like a pro

There's a reason to hit the streets. Get it right.

Trump’s science cuts could change your everyday life

This time, it's personal.

Read more than dead white men

It’s time to expand your environmental justice knowledge.

Fight for the right to pollinate through gardening

You can grow community while doing a solid for bees, butterflies, and bats.

meat halfway

Given up hope on vegetarianism? Meet a reducetarian.

Even commitment-phobes can (almost) kick that meat habit.

Pulling together the March for Science was no walk in the park

Here's a look inside the march's origin story.

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