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Grizzled, stubborn lawyers spent decades preparing for the likes of Trump

If there’s any green left in the government by 2020, they’ll be the ones responsible.

Less Dreamin More Doin

California’s a climate leader — if we’re grading on a curve

The Golden State is still burning too much dinosaur slime.

If cities really want to fight climate change, they have to fight cars

Liberal cities have a blind spot when it comes to transportation and housing policy.

who’s alternative, now?

For the first time, wind and solar electricity generation hit double digits

Together they produced 10 percent of U.S. energy in March.

How urban ‘heat islands’ threaten public health

In built-up cities like Los Angeles, higher temperatures threaten lives.

Trump’s budget would cut nearly half of EPA science research

Read all about it in a report by former EPA staff.

Cable news ignored people of color when covering Trump’s Paris exit

Nearly 300 news guests discussed the topic. 83 percent were white.


Yes, you too can be a Grist fellow. Apply today!

If you had one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you apply for the Grist fellowship? Now's your shot.

acid test

West Coast shores are bathed in ocean acidification “hot spots”

They threaten the region's fishing industry.