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Turns out community gardening might be pretty good rehab

Caring for a garden is kind of like kicking booze, says one tough-talking Vietnam vet.

guerrilla archiving

The effort to protect environmental data from Trump

One group of concerned Canadians teamed up to archive at-risk data.

preemptive attack

How Trump and Congress might undermine climate action in states

Progressive states and cities are bracing for federal restrictions.


As ski season gets shorter, resorts build summer attractions

Climate change threatens their bottom line.

fueled up

The climate deniers and fossil fuel fans who support Scott Pruitt for EPA

"This is a frightening moment.”

shelf life

Antarctica’s fourth biggest ice shelf is on the verge of collapse

"This event will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula."

looking back

How Obama transformed clean energy in the West

The region's energy development revolution may prove hard for Trump to stamp out.

bundle of energy

U.S. likely to become a major energy exporter in a decade

But the outlook for meeting emissions targets doesn’t look promising.

air grievances

Live near a busy road? You may have higher risk of dementia.

A study links air pollution from traffic to cognitive disorders.

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